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Criminal Records

All criminal offense records are generally considered privileged and do not become public record until adjudicated. In certain instances, records falling into the following categories, specified by La. R. S. 44.1 and 44.3, continue to be privileged because of the very nature of the information contained therein after adjudication and shall not be released except in response to a lawful court order:

•Investigative reports
•Supplemental reports (aside from property information)
•Reports revealing the identity of undercover officers or any reports that would tend to identify undercover officers
•Reports identifying juvenile criminal or status offenders
•Reports identifying in any way victims of sexual offenses
•Reports detailing investigative techniques
•Reports detailing security procedures
•Reports containing training information
•Reports detailing investigative technical equipment or instructions on the use thereof
•Reports identifying confidential sources

Criminal Records Checks

Frequently, the Sheriff’s Office receives requests for criminal records checks. Individuals requesting records checks upon themselves may do so in person with photo identification or may submit a written request containing the name (first middle and last), date of birth, social security number, copy of photo identification, and reason for inquiry to Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office, Attn: Records Division, 6556 Main Street, Winnsboro, LA 71295.

For additional information from the Records Division contact (318) 435-9735.

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