Civil Division

Civil Division

The Civil Division serves and executes civil processes and other orders as directed by the courts in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statutes as well as assisting other departments and officers within the Sheriff’s Office when called upon.  These documents, as ordered by the court, include but are not limited to, citations and petitions, subpoenas, criminal summons, etc.  These documents are served by Patrol Deputies.

In addition to the service of documents, the civil division is responsible for the seizure of property, real (ex. homes,  vacant lots / real estate, land, etc.) and movable (ex. vehicles, boats,  motors, furniture, mobile homes, equipment, trailers, etc.).  The deputies are diligent in their duties and maintain records of execution or attempted service on all legal documents and the information is logged on a daily basis for efficient record keeping and to help provide financial accounting.

Civil Deputies are also responsible for the execution of all Sheriff Sales, which occur on Wednesdays each month.  The execution of Sheriff Sales include the processing of writs, advertising, preparation of the deed or judicial of sale, obtaining mortgage certificates and appraisals, collecting and disbursing funds, etc.  They also enter all civil papers which are executed and served in Franklin Parish into our computer system to maintain a permanent record of any document on which service was attempted.  They charge out all postings and returns on these documents as well as prepare court ordered garnishments along with the collection and disbursement of garnishment funds.

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